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From Sunwave Centre, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Sunwave Centre is a new twin-sheet ice arena and event facility in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, an area that experiences very hard water. Less than three months into operation, our boiler, dedicated to ice mainenance, had scaled to the point it would not operate. Consequently, we investigated a number of alternatives for our water problems. We found systems, which would solve our problems but at a huge capital cost as well as significant operating cost. It was at this time that we were introduced to the Activated Water System and investigated its use. After talking to a number of satisfied customers we decided to take a chance on this technology. After using this system for a full season we have found the following benefits; Our boilers have operated smoothly with no signs of scaling problems. Our condenser has begun to descale. Our ice pit has lost its odor and is clear enough to see the bottom. (It had brown and full of algae with a foul smell.) We no longer have to wax our Zamboni bin to allow the snow to slide out. Our floods are smoother, resulting in better ice. The water has less tension and will flow easier resulting in smoother ice, that freezes faster. Our Zamboni blades stays sharper longer. Our stainless steel sinks no longer have white calcium deposits to remove...ABSOLUTELY NO OPERATING COST.

From R.M., Penticton, B.C.

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